Lovely Locz Store

Lovely Locz Natural Hair Extensions is a HOT NEW item to many of you.  This awesome hair has been around for over 14 years.  It is the most human-like textured hair that you will ever find. It feels and looks just like your natural hair. It is ideal for two-strand twisting, weaving, crochet braiding and so much more. Lovely Locz Hair comes in 16" and 32" lengths and it is on a very thin weft. Simply cut off the weft for twisting and crochet braiding and then apply.  The thin fine weft is ideal for weaving.  Our customers come from near and far to purchase Lovely Locz because it is so natural looking, does not irritate the skin or damage the natural hair.   Lovely Locz Hair can be gently washed and is very easy to care for.  No products are needed to maintain it lustrous natural look.  It is recommended that a satin cap be used to sleep in but is no required. With most installs three packages of hair is recommended.  We also ship anywhere in the United States if you are outside of the Southern California/San Gabriel Valley area.   PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY!