It is safe to say that the transition from processed hair to natural hair is on the rise. Hair relaxer sales have seen a substantial drop from $206 million in 2008 to $152 million as of 2013, according to consumer research group Mintel. At the same time, sales of products to maintain natural hair are up. For many women who desire to transition from processed to natural hair, how to begin can seem daunting. But there is an easy, healthy way to reach that goal – Lovely Locz.

Lovely Locz is synthetic hair that looks and feels like human hair. It is an ideal solution for women making the transition from processed to natural hair. Or for women who desire a low maintenance alternative hair style without damaging ones’ own hair. Easy to care for, Lovely Locz is tangle-free and ideal for twits, weaves, crochet braid styles and much more.

“I am extremely excited to be able to share this product with women looking for alternatives to processed hair” said Jennifer Yarbrough, founder of Lovely Locz. “I began wearing only Lovely Locz when I wasn’t wearing my natural hair and I got so many questions and compliments that I decided more women needed to know about this product.”

The demand for natural hair styles is more than a myth. In the past 12 months, nearly three-fourths (70%) of Black women say they currently wear or have worn their hair natural (no relaxer or perm), according to Mintel. ‘I have a busy lifestyle – traveling, exercising and running a business – and I need a hair product that is not only stylish, but good for my hair,” explains Yarbrough. “This hair will respond to working out, washing and various style options. This is typically not the experience of other traditional hair and that’s what makes Lovely Locz unique.”

For more information about Lovely Locz, visit To purchase the product, contact 626-533-4547 or e-mail  NOTE: We advise customers to contact us via phone or email for RUSH ORDERS to discuss viability of such a request being fulfilled.  There is NO GUARANTEE orders can be shipped the same day of orders placed.

About Lovely Locz

Lovely Locz is a small independent African American player striving to grow in the natural hair care product industry. Founded by Jennifer Yarbrough, Lovely Locz was created to meet the need for the busy professional woman who desires a natural look and protective style, without the frustration of sampling hundreds of hair care products.

About Jennifer Yarbrough

Jennifer is an ordained pastor, Tuskegee University graduate and professional fundraiser for 24 years. She was seeking hairstyles that were professional and easy to care, but also would accommodate her busy travel schedule - that’s when she stepped out to pursue her passion for natural hair by starting Lovely Locz.